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Gender Pay Gap Employer Statement

Overall Approach

Every year Chefs On The Run is obliged to provide employment data indicating the gender of people we employ. We are a small company but are caught up in this requirement by virtue of our large casual workforce. Gender has never played a part in either our selection of employees or their remuneration – and never will.

Gender Pay Gap in Context

The data that is relevant – because we have a small number of management employees and a large number of casual Hospitality employees – is the former. In that context our gender balance is currently 70% women and 30% men. We pay based on seniority, time with the company and role – gender plays no part. The gender of our casual workforce fluctuates between (M/F) 50/50, 60/40 and is currently 70/30. This is based purely on the availability of appropriately skilled people looking for work. Gender plays absolutely no part in our recruitment process.

Gender Pay Gap Drivers

In terms of our management team (our fulltime employees), the balance is currently 70/30 F/M. This is not by design, but simply based on the people we have been able to recruit, their level of responsibility and the amount of time they have spent working for the company. As such, there is no relevant driver and no pay gap based on gender.
In terms of our casual Brigade of employees, there is no pay gap. All employees are paid the same regardless of gender as we pay under an Industrial Award. The differing pay rates are based on the roles that each person undertakes. Some people work at a range of different levels and so are paid multiple different rates accordingly. The reason for such a significant M/F imbalance in the last reporting year is that we are employing a larger percentage of chefs than in previous years and female chefs currently account for approximately 20% of the available chefs in Australia.
Any apparent disparity between the pay rates of our female and male casual employees is based on the fact that Award pay rates for non-chef roles are significantly lower than those applicable to chef roles. Female employees do a higher percentage of non-chef roles on the basis that there are far fewer female chefs in industry.

Action & Strategies

We will continue to employ both our core management team and our casual Brigade members as we always have done – anyone with the appropriate skills, experience and attitude will be welcome to work for the company. We have never – in more than 30 years – been able to employ as many people as we require. This will never change – particularly while industry remuneration rates remain as low as they do by comparison with other trades.
Gender has never – and will never – have any impact whatsoever on who we employ or what we pay them. We will always do our best to find the best people and provide them with either a career or as much work as they are looking for.