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How often have you got to the end of a great party with family and friends at your place, only to collapse exhausted? A day or more purchasing and preparing food, starting the cooking hours before everyone arrives, then having to clean up everything after guests have left for home?

Our “Private Function” service is designed to change all of that. We put you in contact with a chef who likes working with small, intimate groups of people and he or she will agree on a menu with you. For the shopping, they’ll give you the shopping list of the products needed. On the day of your function, the chef will turn up ready to get everything rolling along and make sure that you AND your guests have a fantastic, relaxing time. If you have a larger group, we can also send along a waiter/ess to serve and clear up food and drinks. However it goes, as your guests leave and go home, you’ll have a clean kitchen, any left-overs packaged up in the fridge – and be able to take your shoes off and reflect on a more relaxing time than you ever thought possible entertaining guests in the comfort of your own home!


Whether you’re having a small romantic dinner to a cocktail party for 40 of your closest friends, Chefs on the Run can take the back-breaking work out of it and make sure that you’re left with an event to remember – for all the right reasons!


Because your food is being cooked and served in a domestic kitchen, there are always some limitations on the type of menu that can be served. One of the roles of your chef is to talk to you about what is and isn’t possible to deliver from your kitchen – but still arrive at a menu that will delight you and your guests. Some of the relevant factors include type of cooktop, number of burners, size of oven, available appliances, cooking equipment and refrigeration capacity. The number of people will also have an impact on the menu you finally select.


We’ve done a lot of these events and once someone has had this experience once, we tend to see them re-book many times a year from then on. It really is that much fun!


So give us a call on 1800 243 876 to organise your event.

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