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Why we ask you to ring!

If you’re a client, or even an employee of Chefs On The Run, you may wonder why we insist on.
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Our commitment to adding value in the aged care & health sector

In 2019, we estimate that 50% of our business nationally is dedicated to the Aged Care & Health sector.
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Benefits of using Temporary Staffing

Like all outsourced business services, temporary staffing agencies can help contain overhead costs while saving time and money
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Rewarding Work, Growing Job Opportunities

Chefs On The Run has seen exponential growth in the requirement for Catering Assistants – particularly in Victoria.
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Quality or Quantity?

Rather than cave in on price, we continue to innovate to deliver quality.
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Unpaid Shift Break Compliance

As you are no doubt aware, the Award requires that all staff paid under it must take a minimum 30.
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